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In a digital world of ever evolving Information and Communication technologies, enterprise companies large and small are constantly being forced to re-assess and evaluate whether the Data and Voice Networks they currently use (and the IT infrastructure they have in place) are still actually serving to maximise productivity; enable the highest levels of staff, supplier and customer connectivity; and cost effectively optimise operational performance.

Website: http://www.dataexpress.net.au/


New Guinea Energy

New Guinea Energy Ltd is an Australian company that has historically focused on oil and gas exploration in Papua New Guinea (PNG). The company currently has two onshore Petroleum Prospecting Licences (PPL) covering more than 7,492km² and a royalty right over another 4,000km² (2M Acres) in a PPL running parallel to the PNG LNG project. The company is also a 50% owner of a fit-for-purpose onshore drilling rig specifically designed to be able to be mobilized and used in difficult to access, remote locations.

Website: http://www.ngenergy.com.au/



Shirlaws is a portfolio of companies that advise private enterprise how to grow, fund or exit their business in order to enjoy their life’s work. We help them find the confidence to change, the courage to invest and the freedom to choose their path.

Website: http://www.shirlawsgroup.com/

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